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The reviews were generally positive: the website Rotten Tomatoes rated the film with a 60% score in front of the critics’ consensus by defining it as “intelligent and unconventional”.[1] However and despite the reviews and Duvall’s Oscar nomination, the production registered a discreet success at the box office.[2] The commercial box office was lower than the initial budget ($56 million vs. $75 million of the budget).

The commercial box office gross was lower than the initial budget ($56 million vs. $75 million budget). During its theatrical release, it shared the bill with other blockbusters such as Shakespeare in Love, The Prince of Egypt, You’ve Got Mail, Stepmom and Patch Adams.

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When she went to the town to meet with her and other affected parents, they told her that there had even been an increase in cancer cases. Their suspicions were that companies were dumping their toxic products into the river. However, he was very incredulous and told them that his firm could not afford to lose a case.

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When he was on his way back, a policeman stopped him and gave him a ticket. While waiting for the policeman to complete the data, he saw under the bridge the water of that river he had been told about. He decided to go down and investigate. He found that there were companies working and some details that made him accept the case. Thus, he sued Beatrice Foods and W. R. Grace and Company. Also, he knew that this lawsuit was going to be positive for his study.

The case brings them many economic costs since, they had to hire geographers, doctors, radiologists, etc. As a consequence, his firm borrowed a lot of money and even its members, including Schlichtmann, mortgaged their homes. However, they decide to go ahead.

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Ocho familias de Wobum, Massachusetts, emprenden un proceso judicial contra dos poderosas corporaciones, a las que acusan de haber contaminado el agua del pueblo con residuos químicos que han causado la muerte por leucemia a sus hijos. Un abogado especializado en daños personales, Jan Schlichtmann, se hace cargo de tan complicado caso.AUTOR: Steven Zaillian (Novela: Jonathan Harr) DIRECTOR: Steven Zaillian ELENCO: John Travolta, Robert Duvall, Tony Shalhoub, William H. Macy, Zeljko Ivanek, Bruce Norris, James Gandolfini

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Eight families in Wobum, Massachusetts, take legal action against two powerful corporations, which they accuse of having contaminated the town’s water with chemical residues that have caused the death of their children from leukemia. An injury lawyer, Jan Schlichtmann, takes on the case, going so far as to finance it out of his own pocket.

Perhaps this explains the important doctrinal trend (ÁLVAREZ LATA, JORDÁ CAPITÁN, GÓMEZ POMAR) that currently advocates a strengthening of the civil route as the most suitable for protecting environmental interests48.

Based on these premises and the subject matter of the film that serves as a reference, this work is structured in two parts, the first one trying to introduce the reader and spectator to the need to protect the environment in view of the profound environmental or, if you prefer, climatic changes that we have been witnessing, and the second part expressly deals, although with the limitations that the script requires, with civil liability as such.

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